Our Healers


Krista Igoe, Reiki Master, Channel, Owner of Ki Healing Arts

Krista is a Reiki Master certified in Usui,  Karuna®, Angelic, and Holy Fire Reiki techniques. She is also a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ practitioner and Medical Reiki Master.  She brings 27+ years of experience in different healing modalities to help facilitate your healing.  Seeing her clients experience shifts in their physical and emotional well-being brings her great joy.  Her clients appreciate her warmth, compassion, and light-heartedness.  

Krista offers private channeled readings with information from the Archangels and Ascended Masters to provide guidance and insight into your life. 

Our animal friends benefit from Reiki sessions with Krista, as well  being able to communicate with Krista to help  you better understand their issues.  

Krista loves teaching and offers classes in Reiki (all levels), Transformational Meditation, Using a Pendulum, and Feng Shui.  

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Sheryl Watson, Clairvoyant, Channel, Spiritual Teacher

Sheryl brings the highest expertise to her work with over 30 years experience in metaphysics and has many tools to assist clients seeking truth and clear guidance.  

As a gifted channel, Sheryl relays messages from Metatron, the powerful energy near Creator at the top of the Tree of Life in Kabbalah teachings.  Channeled readins provide the most accurate and amazing information available to you.  You will discover solutions you might not have thought possible.  With this highest insight, you will be empowered to see what is the best course for you to take.  

Sheryl holds monthly group Metatron Channels at Ki Healing Arts on the first Wednesday of each month.  Additional events are noted on her website. 

Sheryl is a professional intuitive, Spiritual Advisor, Speaker, and teaches classes.  Sheryl's sessions include:  Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Medium, Personal Channeled Sessions, and  Past Life Regressions.  

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Fiber Art Wallhangings by Krista Igoe.

Fiber Art Wallhangings by Krista Igoe.

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